Sharjeel Memon says “PPP” is not against dictatorship not Pakistan army



The PM of Pakistan People’s Party “PPP” Sharjeel memon told ovaer party is not against to the Pakistan army we are against the dictatorship in over country ,  reported By Smam News .The Pakistan People Party leader after beginning Hosh Muhammad Sheedi Park and also tell to media that.

Bear all the suggestion of establishment of military courts was a needing much effort settlement, see more Ptv sports live, for Pakistan People Party and also tell that the party supported it for the in the interest of country.Memon continue that all the Sindh government is trying to fight with the ‘deficiency’ of previse governments adding that Karachi’s 18 town administrators allowed, rights on public land.

The Pakistan People Party Minister swears to free all the Pakistan public land from ringleader of the public property. And also told about recent Karachi operation, Sharjeel Memon informed the media in these operation 12000 terrorists are arrested in Karachi operation. For more news click express news live .

Sharjeel Memon most clearly say about the Great Leader of Pakistan “Benazir Bhutto’s” death anniversary, Sharjeel Memon also tolled most clearly word’s about anniversary and claimed that the anniversary will be observed in this year too with most respect.

And aslo tell the most hurting words will the Bilawal Bhutto zardari will be not come to the this anniversary. And cannot be a part of this anniversary because the doctor can advised to him for not travel. For more information and updates keep watching the online news click 92 news live streaming and keep updates from your country as well as all over the world’s news.



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