News about Meera ‘Jholi Phelao


In Islamabad the Pakistani super stars Actress Meera said she decided to start fundraising in the name of ‘Jholi Phelao » for building a better hospital. Meera said her campaign would be launched in Lahore, and it will end in Karachi.  For more news of Meera  click on 92 news live A philanthropist Meera was offered a piece of land for the construction of the hospital, and it is in this context that the actress has now made up his mind to start collecting donations for the noble cause. The construction of the hospital began in the end of February.

MeeRA-JeControversy queen of scandal brewed Meera is back in the news with its latest set of popular morning show on Monday . The actress was to appear as a guest Nadia Khan Show, which airs on Geo television, see more express news  but he threw a tantrum and canceled at the last minute and refused to get out of his car after reaching Studio, said host Nadia Khan. Marital woes Lollywood star was granted bail:

The host also claimed that Meera got into a fight with the show’s producer, actress when she tried to calm down and injured a woman in the process. For sports click on Ptv sports live  He then locked himself in Nadia Khan make- up room and refused to come out for the show.


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